Breaking Bad S05 E02: Walt really is terrible


During the last four seasons, people have talked about the transformation of Walter White into an evil guy.  I don’t know what this says about me, but I didn’t think it was (that) awful that Walt “let” Jane die (I mean, she was adamant about ruining his life, and I’m not saying that she deserved to choke on her own vomit but she would’ve died anyway if he hadn’t shown up) or successfully plotted to kill Fring, since Fring would’ve killed him anyway.  But GODS BE GOOD, Walt is scary and creepy and evil… light years away from the cancer-stricken (I keep forgetting that he has cancer!), underwear-clad chemistry teacher who just wanted to leave a modest legacy for his family.

Several things from last night’s episode:

Academy, give Aaron Paul his Emmy now

The 2012 Emmy nominations were announced a few days ago, and Breaking Bad received 13 nods (that abbreviation still confuses me, kind of like Peggy for Margaret).  Last year’s Best Supporting Actor winner Aaron Paul was nominated again, and the scene where Jesse “finds” the poisoned cigarette in his Roomba proves that that win was no fluke.  THAT LOOK ON JESSE’S FACE as he weeps, “I almost shot you!  I don’t know how I could be so stupid!” to Walt, who recreated the toxic cigarette after using the original against Brock, was heartbreaking.

Like Regina George, Walt is a life-ruiner.  HE RUINS PEOPLE’S LIVES.  Too bad Jesse can’t take Mike’s advice and dump his chemistry-teacher-cum-meth-partner-cum-life-ruiner.  Speaking of the king of Rome…

Mike is a BAMF

Obviously, we all knew this already, but how is this guy so f—ing GOOD?  I wonder if Mike’s business associates just release their bowels whenever they have the misfortune of encountering him unexpectedly.  Mike does it all:  blatantly lie with a straight face to the DEA, play Hungry Hungry Hippos with his grandkid, and sneak up on a would-be assassin and his employer… I think all on the same day!  Plus, all his money is in a trust for Kaylee and he values loyalty above all else.  (He’s practically a Stark.)

In this episode, we were also introduced to Lydia, someone Mike knows and who has done business with Fring before.  (If Lydia looks familiar, it’s because she’s played by Laura Fraser, aka that cute Scottish girl who made armor for Heath Ledger in A Knight’s Tale.  Well, I guess she also looks like a pale Eliza Dushku.)

Anyway, it was obvious that Mike was going to let her live, but it’s about time to see another developed female character on the show.  Clearly, Lydia has had a colorful past, if she’s that concerned about her daughter knowing that she hasn’t abandoned her.  But there aren’t too many women on the show, and we’ve barely seen Skyler or Marie at all this season.  Which brings us to…

What will Skyler do?

In the last season or two, Skyler’s become more assertive (particularly with the business side of… everything), but after Fring’s death, her feelings towards her husband seem to have changed forever.  In the final scene where Walt is caressing Skyler (skin-crawling!), her face shows a woman who is trapped in a marriage to a HIGHLY DANGEROUS stranger whom she no longer knows.  Walt uses “family” to justify his decisions, but what family will he have left when Walt Jr. inevitably discovers the truth about his father and as Hank inches closer to Heisenberg’s identity?

Other observations:

  • I would love to be a taste-tester for German-concocted condiments.  I’d bet my bottom dollar that they are delicious.
  • The writers come up with really original secret hiding places.  And methods of suicide.  (Shudder.)
  • Did anybody notice that Kaylee’s drawing on Mike’s fridge has the words BAM and SMASH?  Ha.
  • It’s really messed up when Saul Goodman is advising you to count your blessings and stop your illegal activities.

I still can’t believe this is the final season.  There are SO MANY loose ends to tie up (Hank and Marie!  Walt Jr.!  Andrea and Brock!  More angry Salamanca relatives!  Oh yeah, Walt getting his comeuppance!).  Oh well.  I have the time.  I LOVE ORIGINAL SUMMER PROGRAMMING!


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