Gluttonfest 2012 (1 of…?)

Yesterday, Lucy and I had another epic food day.  I came home poorer and fatter but overall happier.  The only reason why I didn’t feel completely disgusting was because it still didn’t top that day last August before I left for Spain when we ate at Porchetta, Luke’s Lobster, Artichoke, and Van Leeuwen IN ONE AFTERNOON (probably in a span of… three hours).  In comparison, I’d say yesterday’s level of gluttony hovered around 80-something percent.

Defonte’s of Brooklyn, 261 Third Ave (at 21st)

I was so excited to eat at Defonte’s again.  I’d come here once in 2009 with Lucy when it opened its Manhattan location, and we shared the hot roast beef (roast beef, fresh mozz, fried eggplant, natural jus) because we saw these photos on NYC Food Guy.  It was delicious and we swore we’d come back immediately (aka three years… but there’s too much other awesome food in New York!).

I don’t have a photo since I was too busy scarfing down my half of the $10.50 Sinatra Special (steak pizzaiola and fresh mozz… I don’t know what “pizzaiola” but anything that sounds like pizza is okay with me!).  It was warm and delicious and filling.  We washed it down with Boylan Black Cherry.  (Yep, we’re a couple of high rollers.)

Hill Country Chicken, 1123 Broadway (at 25th)

This is embarrassing but after finishing the sandwich, we walked over to Shake Shack.  (Some friends do heroin or sell their bodies together; we eat.)  We were like, “We only ate half a sandwich!”  Of course, since it was a nice day, the line was way too long, so we walked up a few blocks to Hill Country.  I’d been there once before (with Lucy, obviously) and I’m pretty sure I had the $8 Chickwich (nope, this place is not cheap).  This time, I sprang for the $10 Coop Special:  Mama’s Els’s [sic… I don’t get it either] thigh and drumstick, a biscuit, and a side of mac-and-cheese.

Listen, I’d never tried the actual chicken at Hill Country, ALL RIGHT?  I HAD to try it!  (And it was f—ing wonderful.  Spicy and meaty and delicious.)

ChikaLicious, 203 E. 10th Street, between First and Second

Uh… so… afterwards, we were like, “Let’s take a walk… to… ChikaLicious.”  (IT’S A DECENT WALK, OKAY?)  I’d been to ChikaLicious a few times (mostly with Lucy), but frankly I don’t like too much of their stuff even though I tried to convince myself I did for years.  But their soft serve is pretty fantastic.  We got the “Michelle Obama”:

According to ChikaLicious’s Facebook page, this $7.95 dessert boasts “shapely arms [I kid you not] of salted caramel over clever vanilla bean soft serve in savvy espresso with a classy frost of pecan.”  The FLOTUS would undoubtedly be horrified.  And how can soft serve be “clever”?  (Oh well, it was delicious.)

Anyway, what an afternoon!  (We did refrain from getting margaritas in the Village because, you know, we didn’t want to be total gluttons.)  And on the subway going home (don’t you love it when you and your friend can take the same one?), we saw this:

How awesome is that backpack?!  My eight-year-old self died a little inside.

All in all, it was a great day.  Thanks, Lucy!  (Hope I didn’t embarrass you to my five readers out there.)

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