Rupert Grint holds the Olympic Flame!


Hooray for Hogwarts!  Earlier today, Rupert Grint carried the Olympic Flame in London at Middlesex University.

Ron Rupert is really doing his patriotic duty this year.  When I was in London this past March to watch The Hunger Games, during the previews, I saw a “Holidays at Home are Great” ad advert featuring Ron Rupert with Stephen Fry, Julie Walters (Molly Weasley!), and Michelle Dockery, who all hailed the simplicity of vacationing in the UK.  (Of course this was directed at Britons.)

No passports!  No jabs!  No visas!  No euros! they proclaim.

(Sadly, I had to look up “jab.”  It’s a vaccination.  I had imagined foreigners poking their fingers at indignant Britons traveling abroad.)

I acknowledge this is ridiculous, but when I saw this ad, I actually felt a little betrayed.  Who doesn’t want to go to America, where streets are paved with cheese, automobile and chromium steel in America, etc.?

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