Day 3 of the Olympics

London 2012

Only a few days into the Games, and already there has been so much drama!  (AND I’VE LOVED EVERY MINUTE.)  Let’s review the highlights (and lowlights) of Day 3, shall we?

A Lam to the slaughter!


I know nothing about fencing, but what happened to South Korea’s Shin (A?) Lam sounded preventable and embarrassing (for the officials).  Apparently, she thought she was through to the final when the clock was reset from zero to one second, resulting in a victory for Germany’s Britta Heidemann.

A lot of the media reports made it sound like Shin was being a bad sport and “refusing” to leave the piste when she was just awaiting an appeal (which was eventually denied) for which the Koreans actually had to hand over money.  But seriously, look at that face!  You train for years, you can smell the gold, but then your dreams are dashed because a f—ing clock doesn’t work?  Heartbreaking.

U.S. men’s gymnasts POMMELED!


First of all, I wanted to cry every time I heard encouragement from the teammates while one of their own was performing (e.g. “Come on, Sam!  Come on!”).  Beautiful… until they all kind of unraveled and tried to console each other (“It’s okay, it’s okay!”) and then it just got really sad watching their hopes at a medal slip away.  But these guys are really young (four of the five are just 19 and 20 years old), and clearly they need some mental-toughness sessions before Rio, where I don’t doubt that many of them will compete.  Sigh… I hope they’re in better spirits by now.  Nobody whose six-packs bulge through their shirts should ever be so sad.

(Oh, and apparently, Danell Levya likes to send half-naked photos of himself to strangers.  The most shocking part of this story is that he is sending these photos to women.)

British men win first team medal since 1912

London 2012

How adorable were Team GB when they thought they’d won silver?  They were crying and cheering with happiness, as if they’d placed first.  (Kind of unusual for silver medalists, I think, who usually seem more disappointed than third-place finishers, who are just thrilled to medal.)  North Greenwich Arena went bonkers (even Princes Will and Harry were cheering), until the Japanese delegation launched a “formal inquiry” (seriously, what’s with this payment thing?) of Kohei Uchimura’s pommel horse, which bumped them up from fourth to second place, downgrading the Brits to bronze and knocking the Ukrainians off the podium.  (China won the gold again, defending their 2008 win in Beijing.)

Louis Smith–whose hair is awesome and resembles Brandon Walsh’s in Season 4 of Beverly Hills 90210–insisted, “To get a bronze medal is a miracle.  Despite that protest and the score change, for us this is a dream come true.  Silver, bronze, it doesn’t matter.”  What an amazing example of the Olympic spirit!

Surprise gold medalist of the day


Congratulations to Ruta Meilutyte, 15, who won the first swimming medal ever for Lithuania!  She beat U.S. favorite Rebecca Soni, and Ruta’s gold medal is the first Lithuanian gold in any sport since Virgilijus Alekna won in men’s discus throw in 2004.  I hope she gets a huge parade when she gets home!

I’ve had a hand in making every Olympic dream come true!

They’re airing this ad again (and I love any excuse to mention my dear Michelle Kwan).  According to Coca-Cola, I’m responsible for her winning a silver and a bronze, since I have, in fact, consumed a Coke in the past 84 years.  Well, I certainly hope not, since I’m still upset for Michelle from Nagano and Salt Lake City.  (At least she didn’t throw her bronze medal in a locker, like Irina Slutskaya did in 2006.)

Coming up on Day 4:  I have no idea because the schedules are impossible to decipher!


3 thoughts on “Day 3 of the Olympics

  1. Nicole says:

    what’s the ad? is there a link? i have to admit, i am dvring the competition and haven’t seen this yet.

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