Eating in the Bay Area: Part 3

Hiking at Fremont Older

Hiking at Fremont Older

Sunday was my final day in the Bay Area. Sniffle.

But I got to do some cool new things!

Maybe I should mention now, though, that after I booked my airline tickets to visit my sister, I realized that June 8 was the date of the men’s final at Roland Garros (these things come but four times per year!), the Tony Awards, and—if I’m getting really dramatic—another episode of Game of Thrones. (Sigh. We have to keep living our lives, right?) Ironically, watching an early-morning tennis broadcast was the easiest of the three since it didn’t interfere with any of our daytime activities (i.e., eating) and since I didn’t really recover from my jet lag, it wasn’t difficult to wake up at 6 am to watch. (In fact, I stupidly walked over to the TV at 3 am PST since my smartphone didn’t adjust. Yes, I went back to bed.)

Luckily, the match only went four sets, since C and I had made plans to go hiking at Fremont Older. She woke up sometime during the third set and prepared some breakfast.

Nespresso [Imagine Penelope Cruz's voice]

Nespresso…You have to say it with a Penélope Cruz accent.

C and P have a Nespresso Essenza machine that C used to make me a cappuccino. Fancy! I had two cups of that with some leftover marbled red-bean loaf. I love that stuff.

So yeah, I watched Rafael Nadal win his ninth French Open title (exciting!), and pretty soon afterward, we piled into the car with Penny to go hiking at Fremont Older (the name confused me until I realized that the reserve was named for a San Francisco newspaper editor).

I’m still kind of fascinated that people here can drive like 10 or 15 minutes to some cool hiking area. And Penny couldn’t contain her excitement, either, and just had to stick her head out of the window in anticipation!

Penny loves the window!

A rare serene moment in the daily life of Penny

So Fremont Older. C had never been there before, but apparently the trails weren’t too long (1.5 miles or so, she thought). There were supposed to be some really pretty views all around, especially at Hunters Point.

Pretty view before we got totally fatigued

Cool vista before we got totally fatigued

Anyhow, since we thought it would only be a few miles, I was like, I’m in shape. I’m awesome. I GOT THIS. Uh…no. Since I had basically insisted on watching TV instead of getting an early start on the trail when it was much cooler outside, we were sweltering under the hot sun and my shirt was clinging to my sweaty back. So gross. (Though all the hiking helped me hit 10,000+ steps for the only time during my trip.)

Some parts of the trail were really steep, plus we were dodging bicyclists (and even a woman on a horse) along the way. Poor Penny was so exhausted and insisted on resting in the shade. C wound up carrying her for most of the time in the sun.

Penny the Sphinx

Penny the Sphinx

After 1.5 hours, we made it back to the car and decided to go to The Sandwich Spot (5126 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose) for lunch. C had told me about some mysterious thing called Dutch Crunch (or “tiger bread“), some mysterious Northern California thing.

Marinated chicken, bacon, avocado, provolone

Marinated chicken, bacon, avocado, provolone

We split her favorite sandwich, the Spartan Special.



It was quite delicious. The crunchy texture of the bread was a nice touch. Also, sadly, we realized that half a sandwich was pretty much the perfect size. (Boo. I hate those realizations.)

We went back home, where Penny got a bath (since she got totally filthy). I found a Law & Order: SVU marathon on TV, of course. Man. Relaxing in a house is pretty fun. I can walk between rooms!

Eventually P returned from his weekend away, and around this time, C and I decided that we were hungry again so we decided to go to In-N-Out (53 W El Camino Real, Mountain View). I’ve only had In-N-Out once in my life—actually, it was with my sister, when we went to L.A. a few years ago (my very first time in California). I was psyched to go again and was dreaming of a Double-Double, animal-style fries, maybe even a milkshake…

This just looks wrong.

This is just wrong.

UGH. This is what I wound up with instead!

Apparently, California lists calorie counts too. Why, why, why? All my dreams of deliciousness were dashed upon seeing the too-high numbers accompanying the most awesome items on the menu so I decided to be a health-conscious adult (this only happens when I actually see actual figures) and went with the protein-style burger (which, by the way, was still delicious).

Since we were in Mountain View anyway, we were like, let’s go to Snozen! Unfortunately, I was wearing the same striped dress that I had been wearing the night before so the shopkeeper recognized me (slightly embarrassing). Also it was insanely busy so there was literally a 40-minute wait. Oh well. I got extra quality time with my sister (i.e., we stared at our smartphones for a while—but we did it while sitting next to each other).

Black-sesame shaved ice…after 40 minutes!

Black-sesame shaved ice…after 40 minutes!

Yum. I tried black sesame this time. The actual shaved ice wasn’t as ribbony as yesterday, probably since we got this in to-go cups, but it was still awesome. It was probably a good thing that we were forced to digest the In-N-Out.

You’d think that by the time we got home, I would’ve been too full to eat the green-tea Kit Kat that my sister offered me, but you’d be wrong:

The green-tea aspect made this seem semi-healthy.

The green-tea aspect made this seem semi-healthy.

You can’t say no to things that aren’t run-of-the-mill!

Finally, after some Modern Family, C and P drove me to the airport. I got there two hours early to avoid Friday’s debacle. Normally I’m pretty bored waiting at the airport, but Terminal 2 at SFO is amazing. Super clean, amazing food options, tons of charging stations, spacious bathrooms, etc.


Because I was so hungry.

Of course, I’m cheap so I got a $10 wrap. That was the inexpensive option.

Alas, I am now home. Thanks, California, for being so full of delicious yummies. I shall return in two months!

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