Peloton Cycle: A religious experience

For months, I assumed this was a clothing shop.

For months, I assumed this was a clothing shop.

So I haven’t been updating much lately because I’ve been watching a minimal amount of TV, unless you count the two or three episodes of Full House I watch on Nick at Nite (that’s another blog post) because I’m too lazy to find anything else. It’s because I’ve been obsessed with freakin’ ClassPass and its freakin’ Unlimited Summer deal, which is simultaneously wonderful (because I get to work out like a madwoman at a crazy discount) and terrible (because it’s completely taken over my life).

My obsession reached new heights today…

I headed to the 8:15 am class at Peloton, one of my favorite indoor-cycling studios whose “thing” is to live-stream its classes for people at home. (I’ve always wondered, who are these people buying $2,000 bikes? Anyway.)

Note: I am pretty new to this trend. I only started spinning—I mean, indoor cycling—in June, and it took me that long because I was totally turned off by the cultishness of one nameless cycling studio, but nearly every other cycling place in NYC is on ClassPass so it was inevitable that I’d at least dip my toes. If it isn’t evident, I’m already hooked.

So this morning’s class (which actually began at 8 am, unbeknownst to me) was TOTALLY packed (save maybe three bikes), which was weird. And the music’s pumping, and the instructor, Lisa, was as animated as ever, and I can see Marion (a Peloton cofounder) in the front row going CRAZY with enthusiasm (my lone class with her was SO challenging—she had us stay out of the saddle like the majority of the time, which killed me). And I recognized a few other instructors like Antonia, Cody, and Steph (who designed the original cardio class at Uplift Studios).

Not 10 seconds go by in class without someone yelling out, “WOO!” or “OW!” or “AW, YEAH!” I was like, uh, am I at spin or am I at a Southern Baptist church service? Whatever. The energy was SO PALPABLE and since I’m a lost soul, I was totally drinking the Kool-Aid within the first two minutes and I had that ugly workout face happening. (You know, being sweaty, feeling pumped, going crazy, and working harder than you ever have before.)

The instructors were completely leading the way: Marion was pumping BOTH ARMS while in third position, Antonia was whipping her hair back and forth (à la Willow Smith), Steph was swinging her towel in the air, and everybody was having the best time. It was seriously like a club with people fist-pumping while spinning. IT WAS SO RIDICULOUS AND I WOULD’VE SCOFFED AT THIS TWO MONTHS AGO BUT I WAS TOTALLY INTO IT AND I LOVED IT.

Anyway, I was so bummed that my two coworkers who are similarly obsessed with ClassPass (and Peloton in particular) were not there. I felt like a total nut but I couldn’t help but wish they were present to share in the experience of that high-energy amazingness.

(This is probably what happens when you don’t have normal hobbies like knitting.)

Oh yeah but later I found out the class was being streamed live for Good Morning America (with Ryan Lavery demonstrating, no less), which explained the ramped-up ambience. But it was such a good class and it might be weird to go back to normal non-GMA sessions but I’m already excited for my next cycling class. Which happens to be tomorrow. Ha.
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One thought on “Peloton Cycle: A religious experience

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