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Cookie dough: Post-workout fuel?

Yep, that's the subway. I couldn't even make it home until I started digging into this.

Yep, that’s the subway. I couldn’t even make it home until I started digging into this.

Last night, I attended a summer kickoff workout at a nameless spin studio (ha, it’s so hard to guess when you look at the photo), which provided guests with amazing swag: a giant beach towel, inflatable beach ball, and tank top with an emblazoned logo; Olly Undeniable Beauty grapefruit vitamins; some fancy brand of shaving cream; Essie nail polish; photo-booth pics; and some other stuff…including PURE SUGARY DELICIOUSNESS from Cookie DO NYC (which I’ve never heard of, but they’re featured on Gilt City right now).

In what world do these brands mesh? Don’t get me wrong—I have zero willpower and live and die for treats like these, but I guess if there were going to be snacks at this sort of event, I would’ve envisioned healthy juices (oh wait, I did have some fancy watermelon juice) and carrots or something. Anyhow, I came to the conclusion that the studio figures that if we get fat (I essentially consumed in one spoonful the calorie loss of the previous sweat-filled 45 minutes BUT I FELT GREAT), we’ll frequent its classes more often. GENIUS.

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