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Pippa Middleton in New York!

Splash News Online

The rumors (rumours?) are true… Pippa Middleton is in New York!

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Evan Lysacek in Vera Wang?


According to the Daily News, Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek, 27, has moved into Vera Wang’s home in Beverly Hills last month.  As any figure skating enthusiast can tell you, Vera — who has designed costumes for Nancy Kerrigan, Michelle Kwan, as well as Evan — is a former figure skater.  People are freaking out because a few days ago, it was reported that Vera and her husband of 23 years are separating.

Oh, please!  Evan may occasionally wear Vera, but I’m pretty sure that he’s mostly into Wang.  Zing!

(In January 2011, Evan interviewed Vera for Interview.  Based on this Q&A and Joey Tribbiani’s theory on chemistry, maybe these two ARE having sex.)

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RIP: Oh, the buckle is functional!

Sam Edelman

Oh hey.  Those cute little buckles on my Sam Edelman sandals aren’t just decorative.  They actually have a function.  Because when you’re too lazy to properly put on your shoes, the elastic will eventually stretch, break, and render your shoes useless… forcing you to go home in your friend’s flip-flops that she doesn’t wear since they cause blisters on top of being aesthetically questionable.

I bought these Gigi sandals in June 2010, so at least I got two full years’ (summers?) worth of wear (but I could have gotten more if I hadn’t been so careless!).  Dammit.  They are were actually super comfortable and I could easily walk around all day in the city in them.  RIP.

Moral of the day:  Put on your shoes properly so you don’t wind up sandal-less and blistered.