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New York Philharmonic: Handel’s Messiah

The New York Times

The New York Times

Tonight, Nicole and I headed over to Avery Fisher Hall to see the New York Philharmonic present Handel’s Messiah.

It was a beautiful evening of classical music. The women were decked out in evening gowns. The men looked dashing in tuxedos. Poinsettias decorated the stage, and my dear friend and I listened to a gorgeous oratorio that has been delighting audiences for over two-and-a-half centuries (not to mention 135 years by the symphony orchestra that we had the privilege of watching tonight).

Of course, the highlight of the performance came approximately 30 minutes into the production when—for some reason—latecomers were admitted, causing confusion onstage (the mezzo-soprano stood up to sing but sat back down before uttering a single note) and in the audience, including one woman in the orchestra seats who was grumbling audibly enough for us to hear in our third-tier nosebleeds. She started with “Terrible!” and “They let them in?” and finished with a cranky “APOLOGIZE TO THE ORCHESTRA!” that reverberated throughout the entire hall and resulted in clapping: Whether it was applause for those words (though she sort of made a fool out of herself) or simply encouragement for the orchestra to continue, I can’t really say.

Crotchety old people are hilarious.

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Philharmonic in the Park

Last night, I attended Philharmonic in the Park, an annual free concert in Central Park, with some friends.  I last attended a few years ago with my cousins, but it’s always a great time to hear some music, gorge on wine and cheese, and (my favorite part) hang out with people that I don’t always get to see.

Unfortunately, I think our eagerness to chat was unappreciated by our neighbors.  I don’t remember people being so silent in the past at this event.  We got shushed a few times, especially from the girls behind us.  Like, okay, it’s the New York Philharmonic, but we’re OUTSIDE in Central Park with bugs and visible butt-cracks!  Sigh.

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