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Breaking Bad S05 E02: Walt really is terrible


During the last four seasons, people have talked about the transformation of Walter White into an evil guy.  I don’t know what this says about me, but I didn’t think it was (that) awful that Walt “let” Jane die (I mean, she was adamant about ruining his life, and I’m not saying that she deserved to choke on her own vomit but she would’ve died anyway if he hadn’t shown up) or successfully plotted to kill Fring, since Fring would’ve killed him anyway.  But GODS BE GOOD, Walt is scary and creepy and evil… light years away from the cancer-stricken (I keep forgetting that he has cancer!), underwear-clad chemistry teacher who just wanted to leave a modest legacy for his family.

Several things from last night’s episode:

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Breaking Bad S05 E01: Walt, the ticking Greek tragedy


Hooray, Breaking Bad‘s fifth season premiered tonight!  I’d heard awesome things about this show for ages, but I only began watching in January after the holidays via (you guessed it) Watch Series.  I watched all four seasons in a week (though I did grudgingly wind up buying the fourth season on iTunes since my patience at some of the skipping links was wearing thin).

Anyway, I probably should’ve re-watched the fourth season to prep for tonight’s premiere but (1) I was too scared since that final scene of Gustavo walking out of Tio Salamanca’s room caused me to actually scream and remain unable to speak for five minutes when my roommate asked what was wrong and (2) frankly, most of today was spent watching episodes from yesterday’s Game of Thrones marathon on HBO (God bless DVR).

So what did I think of the season premiere?

Walt is even more arrogant now

In the fourth season finale, Walt simply told Skyler, “I won.”  Instead of focusing on his family’s safety (or one of the other many benefits of what had just transpired), Walt only saw his own victory.  In this episode, we see more instances of Walt’s self-importance, like when he tells Jesse and Mike, “Because I said so,” in response to Mike’s doubt that their plan worked, as well as when he later solemnly tells Skyler, “I forgive you,” for everything with Ted and their family’s money (to Skyler’s very amusing disbelief).

Oh, silly Walt.  I can only imagine that this brilliant chemist was snoozing during his required lit courses in college.  Otherwise, he’d know that hubris can bring down any protagonist!  There was barely any Hank in this episode, but you know that a major showdown will be happening during this (final) season.

Also, Walt needs to be nicer to Saul.  Saul has useful connections.

Mike is still awesome

In an early scene, we see Mike somewhat feebly feeding chickens in Mexico, but upon hearing the news of Fring’s death, he pushes the pedal to the mettle to presumably return to ABQ and kick some Heisenberg ass.  This winds up unnecessary since Walt and Jesse were already on their way down to ask Mike, who’s seriously about to kill Walt, where the hell Fring observed everyone on the lab cameras.  (Ah, shit, I’d forgotten about them too.)

Despite the fact that Mike, the ultimate cleaner, advises the two to skip town, he’s still there at the end of the episode.  Maybe we’ll get more scenes of him with his adorable granddaughter?

Jesse’s got the solution, yo

Unfortunately, this episode wasn’t too Jesse-centric, but he’s the one who came up with the brilliant idea to use a magnet to render Gus’s laptop useless, while Walt and Mike are arguing.  (I don’t know why I thought it was so funny that Mike called them “lunatics,” but I did.)  Too bad because of this idea, the DEA now has Gus’s Swiss bank account information in the Cayman Islands.

(If you’re an Aaron Paul fan, check out his recent interview at Vulture.  He comes off so likable and genuine, I can’t even mock his clichéd proposal to his now-fiancée in Paris on New Year’s Eve.)

Other observations:

  • Ted is scared shitless of Skyler.  Amazing.
  • Jesse still calls Walt “Mr. White.”  I love that their interactions still have remnants of their initial student-teacher relationship.
  • At one point, Walt Jr. says, “Holy shit.”  I guess I’m late to the game, but you can say this on AMC?
  • Good to know that gas in ABQ is as high as the rest of the country.
  • Old Joe is back!
  • Love that Hank referenced Gale Boetticher’s impeccable notes.  (David Costabile was fantastic as Gale, and I hope to see more of him in flashbacks, although I can’t think of any reason why this would be necessary.)
  • I actually Googled to see if it’s true that you can eat for free at Denny’s on your birthday.  Yes, it’s true, but only if you order a Grand Slam and have an ID.  Unfortunately Fortunately, there are no Denny’s in the city, but if I’m still unemployed by my birthday (yikes), I can probably take a bus out to New Jersey or Long Island.  TOTALLY WORTH IT FOR SOMETHING I CAN EASILY MAKE AT HOME.

In conclusion, I’m psyched that Breaking Bad is back, especially since it provides some much-needed original summer programming.  Reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210 (whose Sunday episodes are cycling through the fourth season — MY FAVORITE!) can only satisfy me so much, especially since SOAPnet got rid of the afternoon episodes.  Hmph!

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